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Pedal Kayaks

Yep, it's true..You can get kayaks that don't do what you'd expect; they do a hell of a lot more!!
Are you looking for that something different to get on the water with? Can't use your arms due to an injury or disability?
Great news. You can now get on the water with a "bike that floats"!!! Using the common action used on a bicycle a new dimension is now available.
Great for those times when you want to be paddle free, eg Fishing, Photography

Give us a buzz for more details.

We're always adding to our range both on and off-line so if you can't find what you're looking for or need assistance in selecting the right kayak or canoe please contact us on (03) 9598 9821, pop into the store at 225 Bay Rd. Sandringham, Melbourne, Victoria or Contact Us via e-mail

Days we're open: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 9am-4pm, Sun Closed .....Closed - Public holidays - Easter Weekend

***(Try) Paddle Before You Buy™*** Did you know that you can rent / hire a boat for a weekend away before you buy??? Contact us for details
Layby Available . . . . . Best Range . . . .Best Advice . . .

Best Prices - We work hard to bring you the best on the market - Don't wait. Go Kayak™ today

Call or Come in and see us Today . . . . Like tens of thousands of paddlers, You'll be glad you did

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Native Watercraft Mariner 12.5 Propel
The Mariner 12.5 Propel sit-on top kayak combines the concept of a kayak with a pedal system more common on bikes. This kayak has the capability of moving forwards or backwards with the simple motion of your feet.

If you're wanting a kayak for fishing without the need to always use a paddle to maneouver about this is one to look at. It also allows those with shoulder injuries etc, to also enjoy the local water systems without feeling deprived!! Learn More

Length :

Ultimate 12 Propel - Pedal Hybrid - Canoe / Kayak
Combining all the aspects of an Ultimate™ 12 with the benefit of a pedal system.

This system utilises a conventional propeller system allowing the kayaker to go forwards and backwards with ease. Based on the principles of cycling the system is immediately familiar to anyone. Learn More

Length :

Native Watercraft Ultimate 14.5 Propel - Pedal Hybrid - Canoe / Kayak
Like the Native Watercraft Ultimate™ 12 Propel canoe / kayak the Ultimate 14.5 Propel canoe / kayak offers the same pedal system.

With longer length and greater carrying capacity the UItimate 14.5 Propel offers kayakers the ability to "stay out" longer and travel greater distances easily. Learn More

Length :

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