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Welcome to Capacity Sports . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Capacity Sports - The Kayak and Canoe Experts

For all things Kayaks - sit-on top kayaks : sea kayaks : recreational kayak : touring kayak : whitewater kayaks, Canoes, Surf Skis, Wave Skis, Inflatable Rafts and Dinghies, Adventure Racing Kayaks / Competition Kayaks, Fishing Kayaks, Pedal Boats and Pedal Kayaks and heaps more kayaking and canoeing stuff

Welcome to Capacity Sports - Kayak and Canoe Specialists on-line!!!

Who are we? We are a large-scale, large volume canoe and kayak specialist in the paddling world. With our extensive range (over 20 brands) we're confident in saying that if we don't have something to suit your requirements it most likely doesn't exist ! ! !

With over 30 years experience providing equipment to the Australian paddling community (incl. Australian Defence force, Government and schools) you can be assured of:
** Best range of Kayaks, Canoes and other paddling equipment
** Best advice - We base our recommendations on your objectives

** BEST PRICES - ALWAYS - Our size is your savings™ - As a large volume specialist we are able to offer you the best prices possible backed up by excellent service. Our products are discounted - we pass on our savings, rather than have a sale. If you've managed to find a better price elsewhere, let us know and we'll beat it..It's that simple!!

We're always adding new kayak brands and kayak models to our range; So don't assume that if it's not on our website we don't stock the kayak or kayaking gear that you're looking for.
If you can't find the kayak brand or the kayaking gear you're looking for please contact us.     


Location: 225 Bay Rd Sandringham VIC 3191
Ph: +61 3 9598 9821



Hours of Trading

Mon-Fri 10am to 5pm

Saturday 9am to 4pm

Sunday Closed

Days we're closed - Public holidays - Christmas Day, Boxing Day & New Years Day Sales Kayak Kayaks Sit-On-Top Sea Canoes Adventure



Kayak Kayaks Sales Hire Rental canoes fishing kayaks inflatable rafts and more

• Rent / Hire Kayaks • Trade-in • (Try) Paddle before you buy™ • Full range of Kayaking accessories


Over 6000 sq. feet full of gear . . . . . . 500+ boats in stock to choose from . . . . . Best Prices . . . . .
Best Service . . . . Best Comprehensive Range - 20+ brands . . . .

Here at Capacity Sports we believe in equipping you with the right kayaking and canoeing gear for what you wish to do whether it's a kayak or canoe for rivers, lakes, sea, bays or whitewater. That's why everyone at Capacity Sports has kayaking and / or canoeing experience; we understand what you want. That's also why we carry the LARGEST range of canoes and kayaks to select from at the best prices.
Whether it's a sit-on top kayak for your 10 year old kid, something for you and your partner to go sea kayaking with or a competition boat for adventure racing we've really got it all ! !


All our gear for kayaks and canoes is available with great savings to you ! !

Why don't you come in, call us or e-mail us today and let us help you Get Paddling™

Did you know? We offer a comprehensive Paddle before you buy™ program allowing you to paddle our gear where you want, when you want for up to 3 nights. Contact us for details.

Australia's largest canoe and kayak provider. We have an extensive range of kayaks and canoes for the canoe and kayak enthusiast and professional. We're not a kayak specialist by name only.....We cater for a wide-range of requirements....not just popular ones......Sales - new kayaks and used kayak, hire / rental of kayaks, try before you buy; we've got you covered ;-) Phone: +61 3 9598 9821 and get assistance from the Capacity Sports team.
Capacity Sports - The Kayak and Canoe Experts for Sit-on-top Kayaks, Fishing Kayaks, Recreational Kayaks, Sea Kayaks, Touring Kayaks, Whitewater Kayaks, Surf Skis, Adventure Racing Skis, Wave Skis, Inflatable Kayaks Rafts and Canoes, Dinghies, Pedal Boats, Pedal Kayaks. We can help put you into the right kayaking and canoeing gear.
When it comes to Kayak Sales and Canoe Sales we're there to help. If you're wanting something in a few months time, then we offer a layby service to help you.

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